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The Construction of Adolescence

     In this week's reading, Nakkula and Toshalis discussed The Construction of Adolescence and how it is played out between youth and adults.  Adults become a influence, where it is positive or negative experience, towards the youth.  Education is the example that was used by Nakkula and Toshalis, creating an overview of how an educator can truly affect the youth.  Having adults set an influential pathway for the youth can help them to be a part of coauthoring his or her life.  
     When looking back on my youth and even today, the ten people I would choose as being apart of coauthoring my life would be as followed,
1.     Mom
2.     Mimi
3.     Papa 
4.     Auntie Michelle
5.     T
6.     Mr. Dewolfe
7.     Mrs. Henkel
8.     Ryan
9. Nicole     
10. Dad
    These ten people have all had a major role in my life, some for good while others for not so good.  My life story has definitely defined who I am as a person today.  From a young age I feel that my "coauthors" were very apparent in my story.  My family, although they are not my educators, play a major role in coauthoring my life.  My mom, aunts and grandparents really showed me unconditional love and support throughout the years.  They taught me that family is forever; forever full of love, support, guidance and respect for one another.
SRA Graduation 2012
     The person I chose to talk about is my high school music teacher, Mr. Dewolfe.  Mr. Dewolfe, also known as "Wolfey", was a major role in my educational and musical achievements.  In ninth grade I was introduced to him in my first music class.  Scared and nervous I eventually warmed up to not only the school but the fine arts department.  He was not just a teacher, but he was someone who was respected as an adult along with having that balance of being an equal.  In my tenth grade year I finally gained the courage to fulfill my musical career with the help of Mr. Dewolfe.  During rehearsals his method of teaching was easily compatible with all students.  Never having learned to read music notes prior to choir I was able to fully comprehend learning music by ear.  Each rehearsal would begin with warm ups, which sometimes can be assumed to be boring, but in Dewolfes' case they were the complete opposite.  He made learning music enjoyable along with helping those in choir to have a voice.  My passion for singing truly blossomed by being in this program and having someone who was very passionate about his teaching.  As my senior year rolled around, along with having the pleasure of working and being a student of Mr. Dewolfe I was inspired to write my college entrance essay on him.  I discussed how his methods of both teaching/mentoring inspired not only my passion for music but who I wanted to be in my future career.  One of the best feelings in the world was giving him a copy of my college essay, not only after I was accepted but on his last day teaching at Saints.  It truly was a bittersweet moment that I still hold dear to my heart.
Materials of Music Class
     As my high school years continued on my respect for not only the fine arts department grew but my respect for a teacher who truly cared for his students.  Throughout my years of school I've seen both the good and bad, those who truly care for their students success and those who are not really supportive of the future of his or her students.  Mr. Dewolfe is someone who I still am very thankful for, from supporting me when I doubted myself, to pushing my to do my best and to inspiring me to wanting to have youth find his or her voice within music.  
Award I received at my High School graduation for my excellence in the Arts

List of vocabulary words:
tested knowledge
theoretical thinking
zone of proximal development
construction of adolescence
inter-psychological development
theoretical imagination
multi authored

"If we are skilled enough to witness it, adolescents' theoretical imaginations offer some of the richest, most critical and deeply hopeful worldview we might find"(3).

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