Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Center For Resilience

The Center for Resilience focuses one empowering people, such as youth, to empower oneself.  This is practiced through expressing mindfulness whether they are in a classroom as a student, a teacher, a community or even a workplace.  Being mindful is very important especially when working with youth and teaching the ways of mindfulness is also crucial. 
The mission statement for the Center for Resilience is as follows;
Center for Resilience seeks to empower people to empower themselves through the practice of mindfulness which fosters success in the classroom, community and workplace.

Our trained staff, tailored curriculum, interactive workshops, and online resources help children and adults manage stress, overcome obstacles, cultivate compassion and thrive through adversity – outcomes that benefit both the individual and society as a whole.

The video that I watched was the Evolution High School and Center for Resilience.  Students gave his or her testimonials on the program.  I really enjoyed this video simply for the fact of encouraging the youth to take control of how they feel.  Empowering students to focusing on relaxing rather than behaving or reacting negatively.  Students in this school are taught relaxing exercises to help them focus and be calm.  I find this really empowering and amazing that students are being taught this.  Students, although they are not adults with everyday struggles, face stress and anxiety is more ways than one.  Meditation should be implemented into every school day so students do not face stress.
Students are taught resiliency to not only relax but to also help them to achieve more effectively.  As a student, no matter what age, sometimes it is hard to truly focus, we get sidetracked and completely go off the grid of what we were supposed to be doing.  In the Center for Resilience students are taught how to redirect themselves after doing another tasks off track.  This not only teaches empowerment but also teaches leadership as well.  Today as a youth worker it is important and powerful to teach youth that they can be leaders in his or her own way.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Election 2016

         3 questions that I have about the election:
  1. How/why is Donald Trump in this election?
  2. What will happen in terms of healthcare and education for youth in the future?
  3. Can there be someone in congress who can assist the president with the struggling economy?

When it comes to politics it is a foreign language to me.  I know as an American citizen it is my right to vote from the age of eighteen years old and on but I have chosen not to at this time of my life.  I personally do not know much about what is going on between the Clinton vs Trump epidemic.  At a quick glance when watching these debates happening it truly, to me, comes off as a popularity contest.  Whether it be television, social media or even at a public stance more or less is this debate between Trump and Clinton considering as a 'he said she said" which I find ridiculous.  In terms of information about the election it is kind of confusing considering being in a college setting where everyone has a different perspective on how it is being portrayed.  I feel that this election is 50/50 when it comes to drawing me in and alienating me.  I feel that our society is on different levels of confusion and frustration.  Over the past year the youth that I have worked with has learned more about the election than me that I feel.  It makes me proud knowing that even at a young age they want to understand what is going on.  When I was younger the election was never this in depth as this one is which has its perks and downfalls.  Hopefully our society can come together to support one another no matter the final outcome.