Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Election 2016

         3 questions that I have about the election:
  1. How/why is Donald Trump in this election?
  2. What will happen in terms of healthcare and education for youth in the future?
  3. Can there be someone in congress who can assist the president with the struggling economy?

When it comes to politics it is a foreign language to me.  I know as an American citizen it is my right to vote from the age of eighteen years old and on but I have chosen not to at this time of my life.  I personally do not know much about what is going on between the Clinton vs Trump epidemic.  At a quick glance when watching these debates happening it truly, to me, comes off as a popularity contest.  Whether it be television, social media or even at a public stance more or less is this debate between Trump and Clinton considering as a 'he said she said" which I find ridiculous.  In terms of information about the election it is kind of confusing considering being in a college setting where everyone has a different perspective on how it is being portrayed.  I feel that this election is 50/50 when it comes to drawing me in and alienating me.  I feel that our society is on different levels of confusion and frustration.  Over the past year the youth that I have worked with has learned more about the election than me that I feel.  It makes me proud knowing that even at a young age they want to understand what is going on.  When I was younger the election was never this in depth as this one is which has its perks and downfalls.  Hopefully our society can come together to support one another no matter the final outcome.


  1. Gianna,
    You asked really interesting and important questions in your blog post. I specially liked this question: "How/why is Donald Trump in this election?" When I first read it, it made me laugh and then it made further wonder how a person like that made it so far in this election.
    Great Job

  2. Yeah, lol, why is trump in the election? He should remain an entrepreneur. Thanks for sharing girly :)

  3. Hi Gianna,

    I enjoyed your post. I agree with you that Donald Trump shouldn't be in this election. I think if you understand that, you understand enough to vote. People learn about elections and candidates by watching the news, reading news stories, and talking about it with other. No one knows everything, but every vote counts, so I hope you will feel that your vote counts as well.

    Take care,


  4. I definitely agree on your 50/50 comment. Idk whether this election entertains me more or pushes me away from an election booth.

  5. Your questions were both thought provoking, funny, and of course true. This election entertains me so much. Great job!

  6. Gianna,

    I completely agree when you mentioned how and why is Donald Trump in this election. A lot of people don't know or may only know little about him and feel like he is good and that he should be president and which I still don't get how he won the election.